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This page is a demo page only. You can change it while you're visiting, but when you leave it will revert back to the values it had before you arrived. And no one else can see what statuses and comments you enter except you.

(Techies: there is no MySQL database keeping track of your entries [but for a real PHP powered status board using a MySQL database, check out our Business PSB™]. In this demo, there are only some JavaScript arrays whose values you are changing on this page—but you're not even changing the array values in the .js file. JavaScript cannot write to files on the Web, even though it's possible to write to a local LAN, intranet file [although usually not that useful] with JavaScript.)

However, if you would like to have a PSB™ like this site that DOES allow lasting changes to a central status board which all the members of a PSB™ group can refer to and change, we have an inexpensive product called a Business PSB™, where there is a group of employees or managers or even projects whose status changes often, or where frequent communication is required and there is a need for a holistic overview of the person statuses or project statuses OF many persons or projects BY many persons or projects.

As with general Social PSB™s, trust, although sometimes present, is not implied, so each member gets his or her own password and user name and no one can change anyone's status or comment except his or her own. Business PSB™s empower holistic intra-business or inter-business communication and networking that is more EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE than usual business networking methods. They may also be used for loads of other purposes, such as to monitor telecommuting associates or remote contract workers or employees who work from home, temporarily or permanently.

The Business Personal Status Board (PSB™) is a 1-page website that functions as a communications center that can inform any/all of the group members about the personal or project statuses of each of the group members, and group members can update/edit only their own status codes and comments once they log in. There are 100 customizable status codes in which various business-related personal or project statuses, ideas, feelings, predictions, needs, etc., can be expressed to the group, and coordination of activities can be greatly facilitated due to the fact that all group members can consult it (keeping it open as a window on their computer screens) and instantly learn what everyone else is into. With standard communication methods such as phones, iphones, and computers, using texting, IMing, emails, chatrooms and social networking sites, people mostly learn what ONE person at a time is into. Seeing what everyone in a group is into simultaneously is a holistic, quantum leap beyond standard communication contexts.

There are, as you can see above, names, status codes, comments, and status code meanings visible on the PSB™. For example, if Joe has status 23 which means "Need help with a project," his comment might be "Trying to meet a deadline on the print job."

Along with this new level of business connectedness which PSB™s empower, a calendar program for groups would be a great way to see specific schedule details to coordinate activities. For larger groups, Office Calendar for Outlook or AirSet Cloud Computers is good, and for smaller groups, Cozi Family Calendar is good.