The Gif Pop-up Method

Test this pop-up method: Using the Gif Pop-up Method

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One neat way to get a pop-up that's also animated is with an animated GIF file, which you can create with ImageForge or GIF Animator, and any message you want to get across can be included as graphics text. Experiments show that this is more effective than an image cycling routine in JavaScript if the images are fairly closely spaced in time (half second or less). The browsers all cause problems with the rapid cycling via JavaScript, but a GIF of considerable size will create no difficulties for any browser. I used a 794,290-byte 615-pixel by 407-pixel GIF as a sample, and I expected problems but the browsers all acted fine.

You may use this technique to present pop-up ads, or to solicit subscribers to your ezine, newsletter, or RSS feed. Use if for reminders, warnings, or statistics displaying. You may get survey participants, ask for donations, or use it for political fund raising. You can even inform visitors about some of your other related websites. There is no end to the types of purposes that pop-ups can be used for.


<TITLE>The Gif Pop-up Method</TITLE>


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