Using Thumbnail Image Enlargement Windows

What in the world is this? Click it to see!

Here is the HTML code needed for this type of thumbnail enlargement. Note that target='_blank' opens a new window. The little thumbnail may be displayed at 70 pixels by 104 pixels, but the image that gets loaded to create the little thumbnail is 351 pixels wide and 520 pixels tall and 76,809 bytes. When the thumbnail is clicked, there is no delay since no larger image needs to be loadedóit was already pre-loaded. This is the simplest way to enlarge a thumbnail. No need for duel sets of imagesóbig and small. Just one large image suffices.

<div style="position:absolute;top:100px;left:250px;height:104px;width:70px;"><a HREF="SteamerOnTrestle.jpg" target='_blank'><img src="SteamerOnTrestle.jpg" width="70" height="104" border="0"></a></div>