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Photo Gallery Navigation

Content Management Systems (this link gives general CMS info but also specific info on Article CMS which you may ignore) make it easier to manage content if there are a lot of pages on a website or app. They often rely on MySQL tables to store their data. Then when pages are needed for displaying in a browser, Content Management Systems (CMS) can simply read the MySQL table where the data is stored and generate web page content on the fly. Our favorite language for Content Management Systems development is PHP, even though ASP and other server side languages can do the job too.

The following code will need to be saved as navi.html to support navigation in our Photo Gallery CMS system.

All we did for navigation is add a PHP include (to all Photo Gallery Content Management System application files) that loaded an HTML file with the needed navigational links:

<?php include("navi.html"); ?>

Here is the total content of the navi.html file (note the intentional absence of <HTML> tags such as HTML, HEAD, or BODY tags):

<div style='position:absolute;top:390px;left:2px;width:120px;background-color:#bbb;border:1px solid blue;padding:5px'>
<a HREF="cms-view-photo-gallery.php">View Gallery</a><br>
<a HREF="cms-edit-photo-gallery-add-photo.php">Add Photo</a><br>
<a HREF="cms-edit-photo-gallery-add-category.php">Add Category</a><br>
<a HREF="cms-edit-photo-gallery-delete-photo.php">Delete Photo</a><br>
<a HREF="cms-edit-photo-gallery-delete-category.php">Delete Category</a><br>
<a HREF="cms-write-photo-gallery.php">Create Gallery</a><br>
<a HREF="http://css-resources.com">CSS-Resources</a>

So each page of the app gets this:

View Gallery
Add Photo
Add Category
Delete Photo
Delete Category
Create Gallery