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Browser Insanity: web browser problems, browser compatibility issues, cross browser issues, problems with browser, browser sniffer

Browser insanity is all around us. People have not started jumping out of windows about it yet, but there is definitely a lot of hair being pulled out! They say HTML5 will fix a lot of issues, but then they said that about XHTML but IE has yet to support it and other browsers barely do. They say the IE box model is wrong but others do it right, but many programmers, us included, like the IE box model much better.

Firefox inherited many browser problems from Netscape and fixed some, but we cannot applaud them for their lousy video support. We reported a bug to them a couple of months ago, but they wrote back and said we could not be experiencing what we were experiencing, so there was nothing to fix. No wonder Firefox has so many bugs! Bug reporters get called liars!

None of them deserve any credit for their memory management and cache handling. At very least they could put a button or link on the Command bar that would empty the cache and another to release memory resources. The memory that gets eaten up during flash video playing ends up making the browsers end up ridiculously slow and sluggish—they need to get together with Abobe and come up with a flash memory flushing button or link. The performance on IE degrades rapidly and mercilessly. It's almost like they are trying to get you to go away and do something else. We all have experienced these flaws and we all want buttons or links to free memory and caching, but they appear to not be concerned in the slightest—and in 2011! Perhaps they will get around to addressing these critical issues NEXT century!

What is the The Simplest Effective Browser Sniffer?

Why do Netscape and IE display browser text and spacing differently?

Why do the padding and margin styles work differently on IE and Netscape?

Why does anyone still hang onto such dinosaurs as IE 4+ or Netscape 4+? (Since you can get the recent versions of these browsers free on the Net!)

Here's Chrome direct: Google Chrome

Here's Firefox direct: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

Why shouldn’t I get one of those long JavaScript routines off the Net that will force sites to display Netscape and IE the same, since they don’t otherwise?

Why doesn’t onMouseMove work from the body tag in Netscape?

Why doesn’t onKeyPress work from the body tag in Netscape?

Why does Netscape not handle more events with event handlers—like IE—rather than making us "capture" them the hard way?

NotePad sucks, won't load big files, can't do ctrl f, no macros. What's better?

How can I get a decent text editor to work right from IE?

What’s a decent Word-to-HTML converter? Office 2000 and later versions all suck; they have so much junk in the file after conversion it’s nothing short of a Microsoft nightmare!

Why does using the document.write method after opening a window create a decent new page in both browsers, but then in Netscape clicking a link in that new window loads the parent window into the new little window?

How do I achieve cross-browser compatibility?

Why should we encourage browser owners to update to W3C DOM-capable versions ASAP?

Where can I get help with the IE Box Model Display Bug that's about box widths, borders, margins, and padding?

Which image formats should I use for which types of tasks, in order to maintain good display quality?

What's the main problem with using .png's, and is there decent support for them?

Why do the <UL> (unordered list) bullets go away when I put the list to the right of an image?

How do I achieve cross-browser compatibility with embedded videos?