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Free Personal Status Boards (PSB™)

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So what's all this PSB stuff about?

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Website Directory Content Management System

A website directory is a list of links. Real-world website directories can be lists of categorized links or that in addition to thumbnails and descriptions. Here are the advantages of their method as compared to our method: Faster info, and faster thumbnails (usually). The disadvantages are: more storage capacity is needed with their method and their info tends to get obsolete.

So what IS our method? Our Website Directory CMS code is set up to store only category names and website links. The info and thumbnails are all gotten on the spot dynamically from the Web. So NO info needs to be stored and NO thumbnails need to be stored.

We use Websnapr for the thumbnails. You get to add 100 thumbnails per month, and when you put class='websnapr' in your links and load two external files in the head tag with and , you get to use their service for free, as long as you give the correct people and companies credit, which we do as you can see near the end of this page. The Websnapr link above explain their service options—there are paid options with fewer limits. Feel free to choose these. (But please read cms-view-website-directory-without-websnapr.html before signing up, if you are considering the free version.)