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JavaScript Animation Tutorials

The JavaScript tutorials linked to below contain a wealth of JavaScript info about animation for anyone from beginners to experts. Here is a great source of help with javascript. So check out our free javascript tutorials. Comments are welcome!

Incidentally, these are not just animation scripts we threw together without testing. We tested everything on the site before it went into these site pages. And they are not just slapped onto the website without explanation. There are tutorials that accompany each of our free JavaScript animation scripts. If you take the time to read our pages, the least we can do is take the time to test the scripts and explain them. We are more likely to over-explain than under-explain, which is perfect for you beginners out there. If you like our scripts, a link to our site would be much appreciated!

There are all kinds of JavaScript animation scripts in our tutorials. You think up a script you'll be needing, and you're nearly certain to find it in our scripts. Better yet, there are test scripts in these links so you will be able to test the scripts for yourself. The good thing is that we took the time to write the tutorials as well as the time to test these scripts before putting them on our site.

JavaScript Animation

What is path animation and how does one do it?

How can I make objects appear and disappear even if they're moving at the time?

How can I simulate gravity with animation?

How can I simulate a bouncing ball?

How do I adjust for different screen edge coordinates in Netscape and IE?

How can I simulate gradual size increases of divs?

How can I coax a web page object to jump away whenever visitors come near it with their mice?

How can I create an animation whereby a mouse click can toggle the action on/off, back/forth, left/right, big/small, etc.?

Why won't slow object property value incrementing result in slow div box changes if you fail to use the JavaScript timing function, or if you change the values in loops rather than in conditionals? Even though one changes the width incrementally, the div change doesn’t kick in until the loop is done. Why?

How does one simulate a slow color change that looks like a curtain being drawn?

How can I get an object to move in a random direction?

What is a cheap graphics software package with which I can create animated gifs, and how do I use it?

What is a free animated gif editor I can use to change the number of repeats, the frame timing, sequence, etc.?

How can I make animated gifs slowly disappear and reappear while animating?

What are the best rules to follow with regards to the use of animated gifs?